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are you making enchanted cave 3?

no I'm working on something else

i hope after you finsh your current project you  make enchanted cave 3 good luck with your current project when and where i can check info about your current project?

I'm just beginning to post a bit about it on my twitter but it's still early.

Doesn't seem to work on Mac OS 11.1. Window shows up with content misaligned and doesn't respond to any keyboard or mouse input.


Hi - sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I can't afford to support Mac anymore so I can only suggest requesting a refund if you don't have another device you'd like to play the game on.


That's understandable. Thanks for the prompt response.

I made a couple of videos on this game.

esse jogo tem de graça na armor games

Esta é a versão premium completa com muitos novos recursos.

oloko que legal

Cant open google incn,More games cant play. T_T

Try playing it over on Kongregat.

this could be like stardew valley wish you add farm and marrige in the game


Crazy addictive and highly recommended. We chose it as the game of the week for the Video Game Book Club - especially after seeing the high steam reviews. One reviewer even played it for 100+ hours!