Mega Update (version 3.0) Release!

List of changes including the v 3.02 bug fix patch:

*Version number can be found in the top-left of the credits screen.

v 3.02
Fix Green Goo not being able to set magic hotkeys
Fix some controller buttons showing when not using a controller
Fix rain sound not stopping when switching to a new slot
Fix import/export window sometimes not closing correctly
Fix items being added to "loot this run" after enchanting from equipment

Added full controller support
Added 3 challenge game modes
Added 5 new heroes (one only in green goo's quest)
Heroes now have unique starting stats
Added 2 new NPCs that can be helped
Added 7 new items (one only in monster's lair)
Added 2 new monsters (both only in monster's lair)
Added a new merchant
Added bonus infinity skill nodes to skill tree that are revealed when a full branch is completed
Added Import/Export feature to transfer save data between devices
Added monster descriptions to bestiary
Gem Merchant prices are adjusted to be more linear, skill gem added
Reduced MP use of attack magic from 8 to 7
Increased value of "magic" enchantments by 50%
Fixed bug where magic bonus with crafted potions had no effect
Small visual improvements to some UI elements.
Fixed some visual bugs with spritesheet edges on some objects
Fix when enchanting to have an item's single current enchantment selected by default when adjusting enchantments.
Fixed "loot this run" from another save slot being shown on a new save slot
Fixed a rare soft-lock that can happen when clicking anywhere immediately after death
Improved rain performance
Improved final boss intro performance
Fixed some lag issues
(Steam Version) Added 11 new achievements
(Steam Version) Fixed retroactive achievement checking

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May 08, 2018

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